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Since its founding in 1946, Chick-fil-A has become one of America’s biggest quick-service restaurants. The lifeblood of Chick-fil-A is their franchise model where committed Owner-Operators and their team of front-line employees deliver the brand to millions of customers each day.

To ensure organizational alignment inside a growing and increasingly complex company, every year Operators, corporate staff, and spouses gather for four days of training and inspiration. This one-of-a-kind event is called NEXT.

As a long-term partner, our challenge is to keep the overall event execution high-quality and consistent while incorporating annual theme elements to differentiate the experience for attendees year over year.

austin next 2019
austin next 2019

Win the Heart

With the 2019 theme, “Win the Heart” in place - we set out to reimagine the programs, conferences spaces, stages, and experiences from beginning to end.

Guided by our design principles, we developed every experience to bring content to life in fresh and compelling ways - including a live t-shirt press station, custom espresso bar, larger-than-life photography of real team members, and a custom app that served as a live resource for attendees throughout the event.

Brand Apart helped drive an increase in the overall Operator satisfaction 10% YOY and NEXT 2019 become the highest rated NEXT to date. And nearly 90% of all Operators stated that NEXT 2019 strongly or tremendously strengthened their belief in a better future. We have a feeling the future is bright for Chick-fil-A.

next 2019 @austin
By the Numbers: next 2019

By the Numbers

  • 1,620 minutes of live programming
  • 200k feet of conference space

  • 8 stages
  • 6,500 attendees
  • 800 produced media assets
  • 17 live events

  • 4 days of programming
  • 13 produced spaces
  • 32 speakers

  • 1 custom app developed
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Next 2019
Next 2019
Next 2019
Next 2019
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 "NEXT would not be possible without our partnership with Brand Apart. They help us think strategically about content, creatively about how to bring those ideas to life and finally execute everything at a world-class level on-site. You’ve got a Raving Fan in me and Chick-fil-A!”

Mark Miller
Vice President, Leadership and Development