Remarkable Dreams Become Remarkable Futures



What We Did

Live Activation

Each year, Chick-fil-A gives nearly $20 million dollars toward scholarships to Team Members through their Remarkable Futures program. In 2020, Chick-fil-A was inspired to announce the top 12 recipients live, and invited Brand Apart to concept, execute and capture the surprise moment, as well as, produce post-event commercial content.
With two weeks to concept, plan and execute, we transformed the Chick-fil-A corporate campus into an immersive celebration: creating the environment, on-screen graphics and branded props for the audience.
We designed and choreographed every moment of the live show, from selecting the emcee and scripting the big announcement, to concepting the confetti-filled moment when the news was revealed. A red carpet walk-of-fame and balloon-adorned step-and-repeat completed the experience for the guests of honor. 

“Getting to be a part of 12 Team Members finding out they received scholarships today = One of my best days at CFA.”


Brittany Siefert, Chick-fil-A Staff Member