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What We Did

Live Activation

Each year, Chick-fil-A gives nearly $20 million dollars toward scholarships to Team Members through their Remarkable Futures program. In 2020, Chick-fil-A was inspired to announce the top 12 recipients live, and invited Brand Apart to concept, execute and capture the moment, as well as, produce post-event commercial content.
With two weeks to concept, plan and execute, we transformed the Chick-fil-A corporate campus into an immersive celebration: creating the environment, on-screen content and branded props for attendees.
We designed and choreographed every moment of the live show, from selecting the emcee and scripting the big announcement, to concepting the confetti-filled surprise moment when the news was revealed. A red carpet walk-of-fame and balloon-adorned step-and-repeat completed the experience for the guests of honor. 
beloved Staff

Their vision of change gave birth to the “Beloved Benefit,” an annual event with lasting impact. Based on the idea of the ‘beloved community’ made famous by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., this event would inspire hope, dignity, and change for the city of Atlanta. It would truly be an evening of coming together - crossing economic, racial, and societal lines.

Over the course of 4 months, we concepted, designed, developed, and executed an event unlike anything Atlanta has seen.

As the inaugural year, we were determined to set a high-bar. From the brand identity to marketing collateral to creative expressions in the program to the final stage bow, Brand Apart brought authenticity and humanity to each touchpoint. Every element represented the essence and heart of the Beloved Community and Vision – considering color, texture, messaging, experience, story, style and talent.

Violin Performance

To honor the diversity and makeup of the Beloved community, we collaborated with local creators, makers, and thinkers. The result was a confluence of ideas and perspectives that brought more dynamism to the end-to-end experience.

Beloved Dinner

We brought in world-renowned artist, Alexa Meade, to perform live-art in the pre-show space.

Rather than typical round tables, we favored long-table style dinner to create an “every-one-at-the-table” feel.

We will add one more bold and unconventional item here.

By the Numbers

  • Nearly 2,000 guests attended the premiere dinner on the field of the Mercedes-Benz Stadium.
  • $5.1M raised supporting organizations on the Westside of Atlanta.
  • $250,000 toward smaller organizations recognized as Community Beacon Awards.
  • XXX media impressions (JS should have this count)
  • XXX Social Media engagement.
  • XXX inquiries for partnership and support for 2020 event.
  • Two sponsors signed up for a three year commitment of $1 million dollars.
Steve Harvey
Beloved event
Beloved Event

Brand Apart visualized, and produced an event, which theatrically and musically showcased Dr. King's vision of a community that comes together to support one another - the Beloved Community - with an excellence we have come to expect from Brand Apart.


Rodney Bullard
Chick-fil-A Foundation