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From Clutter to Clarity



What We Did

Brand Identity System

It all starts so harmless. You trade your email address for coupons, rewards, information, or discount codes and before you know it, your inbox is overflowing with unwanted and un-asked-for clutter. It happens every day, and somebody should put a stop to it… Welcome to AdKaddy.
When the AdKaddy team came to us with their great idea — a beautiful, magazine-like digital experience that de-clutters and curates content and communications based on the users likes and interests — we were all-in. But they needed a name and an identity that matched their smart, fun, fresh personality. 
We ideated hundreds of names for the new app before landing on AdKaddy — a hybrid name that incorporates the functional and fun side of the app.
We knew the identity needed to be vibrant, active, and precise, just like the app itself. But we also wanted it to represent the vast potential that AdKaddy brings. Sure, it’s a place where information comes together, but it is also an opportunity to create a vast array of inspiration, overflowing with the things you love.
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“Brand Apart’s approach to branding our company was methodical, creative, and truly exceptional. We loved working with the team and will most certainly use their services again in the future!”