Do You Have What it Takes to Everest?



What We Did

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29029 is a vertical foot challenge that makes climbing Everest accessible - even achievable - in a weekend. The team at 29029 came to us with the concept but needed a strategy and identity to bring it to life.
Man Climbing
Event logo

At the outset, we knew we weren't just creating a brand, we were establishing an entirely new category. We dug deep into the events category, got into the mind of ultra-athletes, and unpacked the core attributes of the event experience.

Challenges to check your soul

Through our research, an insight emerged: this wasn't a race against others, this was "you vs. you." Rather than highlight the physical demands, we'd emphasize the emotional, spiritual, and mental benefits of participation. The brand essence, "Challenges to check your soul" would become the rallying cry for all future events.


At its core, the 29zero29 symbol is an abstraction of a mountain. Within the triangular enclosure exists multiple strokes of varying thickness which embody the variation of terrain and complexity of the challenge.
We designed a range of branded collateral items to serve as mementos from this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

29029 events continue to sell out year over year. Better yet, the brand has become a living testament of the strength, courage, and fortitude gained when you face life’s mountains.

“We initially hired Brand Apart to be a design and branding agency, and instead they became a trusted strategic partner. The team at Brand Apart was fully invested in the success of 29029 and their creative genius was integral in launching not only a new brand but an entire new category of endurance event.”

Marc Hodulich